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LSU Streams Fitness Videos and Healthy Lifestyle Tips Online Via Mediasite

Louisiana State University's Department of University Recreation webcasts dance, yoga, cardio and resistance workouts for students and the public

MADISON, Wis. — January 18, 2012 — Fitness webcasts delivered via Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOFO), can help you work off those holiday calories and get back in shape for 2012.

Lack of time to get to a gym is not an excuse anymore, because Louisiana State University’s Department of University Recreation (LSU UREC), is streaming fitness videos and healthy lifestyle tips from professionals online via Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, the trusted market leader for enterprise webcasting and lecture capture. All you have to do to access the fitness videos, including dance, yoga, cardio and resistance and tips is visit the LSU UREC home page.

“Mediasite has allowed LSU UREC to create an online environment that enables students and the public to participate in fitness programs and learn about living a healthy lifestyle from any computer with internet access,” said Scott Belanger, Assistant Director of Marketing and Public relations at LSU UREC. “Mediasite has enhanced our ability to engage students in today’s fast paced world.”

LSU UREC began recording with Mediasite in the fall of 2008 to expand classes and participants. Instructors guide people through 30-60 minute workouts, and the videos also serve as a promotional tool for recruiting. More than 30 classes – over 7,872 hours of exercise — have been captured since 2008, and they’ve received more than 24,800 views. In addition, LSU UREC uses Mediasite to webcast sport competitions and to facilitate student trainings, orientations and debates.

The Mediasite content has been so well received that the university plans to rebrand its online content and add significantly more in the coming months. It is currently in the process of upgrading its webcasting platform to Mediasite 6, an exciting advancement that became available in December and will allow students and the public to watch webcasts right from their iPads, iPhones, iPods and BlackBerrys.

In collaboration with the LSU Student Health Center, Vanessa Richard, a registered dietitian, gives presentations on topics such as nutrition, fitness and eating healthy on a budget. In her “Nutrition and Fitness” session, she offers easy tips for people to manage their weight, including:

• Make goals simple and realistic

• Focus on one goal at a time

• Use a non-diet approach to weight management

• Customize your plan at

In her “Beyond Ramen Noodles: Healthy Eating on a Shoestring Budget,” she suggests meal planning and smart shopping tips including:

• Plan your menu for the week and consider how you can use leftovers

• When your food budget and storage space allows, buy in bulk

• Build the main part of your meal around grains and starches

• Use frozen or canned goods when fresh are not in season

• Find budget-friendly recipes at SNAP-Ed Connection:

• Plan healthy meals at

“The UREC Mediasite webcasts offer students and the general public the ability to participate in workouts when it’s convenient for them, and are also great resources for information about healthy living. Sonic Foundry is proud to support the university’s recreation department and is glad UREC is embracing innovative, and now mobile, approaches to reach its audiences through webcasting,” said Gary Weis, Sonic Foundry CEO.

Mediasite by Sonic Foundry is the trusted market leader for enterprise webcasting, hybrid events and lecture capture. Chosen by more than 950 colleges and universities, the award-winning Mediasite webcasting and content management system quickly and cost-effectively automates the capture, management, delivery and search of video presentations and accompanying graphics for live or on-demand viewing.

About LSU University Recreation

LSU University Recreation creates dynamic experiences for active healthy living at Louisiana State University. UREC online integrates living a healthy lifestyle with technology through online services created to help those who are unable to make it to the recreation center still take advantage of programs offered by the department. The online services include fitness classes, which involves an instructor guiding participants through the workout through video.

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