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Mediasite Announces Blackboard Learn Ultra Integration at BbWorld 2019

Integration lets faculty embed Mediasite videos directly in Blackboard to enhance student learning and retention

AUSTIN, Texas — BbWorld booth #219 — July 24, 2019 — Mediasite will showcase its integration with the latest version of the Blackboard learning management system, Blackboard Learn Ultra, at BbWorld 2019 this week. The integration makes it easier than ever for faculty and students to seamlessly record, upload, share, watch and grade Mediasite video lectures and assignments directly in any Blackboard course.

Integrating Mediasite into Blackboard Learn Ultra gives students instant access to course video in the place where they’re most comfortable, the LMS. Ultra’s cleaner, modern interface with streamlined workflows lets faculty and students launch My Mediasite personal capture software directly in the LMS. Users can create videos and screencasts using their computer’s webcam and microphone or upload videos into Mediasite. The presentations created in Mediasite automatically publish directly to the corresponding Ultra course.

Upon launch in Ultra, Mediasite automatically creates all necessary resources needed for faculty and enrolled students to browse the content and auto-configures the access control, which ensures a secure and seamless experience.

“We began integrating Mediasite into Blackboard Learn Ultra with a pilot and quickly moved to a full implementation. The integration is quite robust and easy to set up,” said Toby Nutting, Learning Environments System Administrator at James Cook University in Australia. “Now we can upload Mediasite videos directly into Ultra, where all of our faculty and students spend the most time. Before if we wanted to publish a lecture we had to jump back and forth between several dashboards. The integration saved us an entire step. We just go straight into Ultra, click ‘Mediasite Content Selection’ and away we go.”

Mediasite integration for Ultra can also be used with Blackboard’s Original Experience. Users can easily transition their courses to Ultra using the same integration, at their own pace. This guarantees a seamless and consistent integrated Mediasite experience in Blackboard Learn for all courses, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

The combined power of Blackboard with Mediasite means all course videos have a central, secure home benefiting from Mediasite’s in-video search, engagement tools, security and analytics. The company is showcasing the integration in booth 219 of the Austin, Texas educational technology conference. With the Mediasite-Ultra integration:

  • Protect and streamline video access: Not every video is meant for everyone. Mediasite guarantees only authorized students have access to course content by leveraging standards like Learning Tools Interoperability. Plus, support for single sign-on means students and faculty use existing Ultra logins to access and watch videos. School’s can also seamlessly exchange authentication and authorization data for security domains between Mediasite and Ultra.
  • Deepen engagement and improve learning: Instructors can incorporate interactivity tools such as annotations, commenting, polling, ask-a-question and quizzing and view results in Blackboard, promoting the use of active and micro learning.
  • Measure videos’ impact: Mediasite shows instructors exactly who is watching what videos, when and for how long. It’s a powerful tool for correlating student viewing behaviors to learning outcomes. Each video’s at-a-glance dashboard and intensity map immediately show student engagement, most viewed segments and viewing drop-off points.
  • Create more searchable, accessible course content: Mediasite brings its powerful search capabilities to the Blackboard experience. Within any lecture or across an entire course, Mediasite gives users full-content search for everything said and shown in many languages by indexing a variety of metadata from areas like user comments, speech-to-text, captioning, optical character recognition and annotations. Plus, a caption editor creates cleaner transcripts, more accessible videos and better study tools for all.

“We pride ourselves on creating solutions that integrate with the present and future systems and workflows of our customers. Blackboard is a significant part of the teaching and learning strategy on many campuses, and so is Mediasite as faculty and students are realizing the transformative benefits of academic video in the classroom,” said Michael Norregaard, CEO, Sonic Foundry. “It’s a natural integration between Blackboard Learn Ultra and Mediasite, combining the organizational online course management capabilities of an LMS with the valuable interactivity tools and student data that comes with a video platform. We’re excited to offer this latest addition to the growing list of systems with which Mediasite seamlessly works.”

The integration is free for all Mediasite users, works with both on-premises and cloud implementations and available now. Learn more at booth 219 and at More information is available in the blog post, ‘How to Engage Students Better with the Mediasite-Blackboard Learn Ultra Integration.’

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