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Sonic Foundry Announces Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform

Company unveils the most comprehensive, scalable approach to video content creation and management – the cornerstone of enterprise and campus video strategy

MADISON, Wis. — March 7, 2013 — Sonic Foundry, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFO), the trusted market leader for video management and academic, enterprise and event webcasting, today announced a major milestone with the introduction of Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform.

This evolution of Mediasite delivers an integrated approach to any campus or enterprise strategy for creating, managing and distributing all video-based content – whether it was generated by Mediasite or another tool – and solidly establishes Mediasite as a recognized solution for comprehensive video content management.

The most notable enhancement is Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform’s ability to import any video including Adobe Flash, QuickTime, AVI, Windows Media, MPEG4 and others, and transform them into rich video files that are indexed, searched, secured and played back on nearly any device from desktops and tablets to smart phones.

Many long-term Mediasite customers are already undergoing the process of importing thousands of hours of video-based technical documentation, training and research from archives into Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform.

“Sandia needs to keep content for up to 75 years and meet National Archives and Records Administration standards. Using Mediasite as a video content management platform is a big deal for us. We need to know where the information is and how to get it back,” said Rogulja Wolf, digital streaming operations and content manager, Sandia National Laboratories.

Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform builds upon the momentum of the Mediasite 6.1 family of innovations, including My Mediasite, a streamlined, user-friendly dashboard from which users create, upload, manage and share their own video content. Collaboration and approval workflows provide a layer of control for enterprises with multiple content producers and knowledge-creation environments, allowing the growth, management and scalability of online knowledge libraries.

“The user generated content capabilities in My Mediasite will give us the ability to be more flexible with video creation. We’re moving to a YouTube type situation, but everything still has to be approved and controlled,” said Wolf. “We already have basic review and approval guidelines for classification and external release of material but we are reworking those and developing polices more appropriate for My Mediasite on our internal network. My Mediasite will allow us to take in more content and make more content available.”

“We’ve architected the most sophisticated capture technology on the market, delivering smart, secure and searchable video with powerful analytics. As our customers’ video initiatives continue to grow at an astronomical pace, so does their need for greater flexibility and more sophisticated management of the content,” said Gary Weis, chief executive officer of Sonic Foundry. “They have placed their trust in Mediasite to deliver a workflow that not only extracts the knowledge from their many technology-enhanced rooms, but also to serve as a destination for video that’s created from every imaginable source. Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform promises to accelerate, simplify and streamline content creation and management to ultimately unleash the value of video in the enterprise.”

Trusted by more than 2,600 customers worldwide in education, business and government, the Mediasite webcasting and video content management system quickly and cost-effectively automates the capture, management, delivery and search of live and on-demand streaming videos and rich media presentations.

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