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Sonic Foundry CEO Joe Mozden Jr. Featured at GeoInvesting Virtual Event

Sonic Foundry, the trusted leader for video creation, management solutions as well as virtual and hybrid events, today announced that its CEO Joe Mozden Jr. recently participated in a virtual event hosted by GeoInvesting. 

Mozden joined GeoInvesting CEO and Co-Founder Maj Soueidan for a live discussion and question and answer segment to discuss how Sonic Foundry is changing how the world learns, communicates and collaborates with streaming video. Mozden presented about the critical role the company’s Mediasite Video Platform plays in the way schools, organizations and corporations keep classes, meetings, conferences and events going and why video will always have a key piece of the puzzle in the new digital first world. 

Maj Soueidan, co-founder of GeoInvesting said, “Interviewing CEOs is a key part of GeoInvesting’s research process. Understanding the vision of management teams is a key factor in helping investors understand opportunities and risks associated with business models. This is why GeoInvesting is active in hosting live fireside chats with management teams of publicly traded microcap companies. 

Maj continued, “We invited Joe Mozden to present his company’s growth story to GeoInvesting’s Premium Subscribers because we’ve been covering Sonic Foundry since the beginning of 2020. We want to clearly understand Joe’s ongoing restructuring initiatives he started to implement from the time he joined the company in 2020.”  

“It was a pleasure to participate in GeoInvesting’s virtual event and meet with many of its members to share how we are innovating new technologies to meet the market demands and positioning ourselves for substantial growth in the future,” Mozden said. “We are also pleased to be able to showcase our own Mediasite solution to the GeoInvesting community. I joined the event from our studio in Madison, Wisconsin and our Mediasite Events team recorded the conversation for members to view on-demand – that’s the power of streaming video.”
The presentation is available via Mediasite here.   

About GeoInvesting 

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