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Alamance Community College Selects Mediasite for Online Learning

North Carolina school leverages Mediasite’s Zoom integration to deliver live collaborative instruction; Cost-effectively expands digital learning program through Mediasite’s partnership with MCNC non-profit

MADISON, Wis. — December 01, 2020 — Alamance Community College in North Carolina has selected Mediasite to deliver live and on-demand online learning to students despite distance.

All faculty and students are using the desktop video capture software to record interactive lectures and assignments, and collaborative Zoom calls are automatically uploaded into Mediasite where they can be managed in one secure place beside all other campus videos.

The integration with Zoom lets faculty record and schedule meetings and turn them into valuable tools on-demand for students in Mediasite, complete with accessibility features, robust search, interactivity options, back-end analytics and more. Plus, via Mediasite’s integration with the college’s learning management system, Moodle, instructors can automatically have the lesson videos uploaded to specific courses within their LMS with fully automated transcripts of the Zoom recordings.

“We were using outdated desktop capture solutions but needed a simple and secure way to streamline our academic video initiative this school year amid the COVID pandemic as our students are learning from a distance. Mediasite’s seamless integration with Moodle and Zoom means lesson videos are automatically published in our LMS which creates easy access for our students where they are most comfortable learning,” said Jennifer Jones, Distance Learning Director, Alamance Community College.

Jones continued: “Mediasite’s user interface is easy for faculty and students and is the one-stop-shop to create and upload videos. It’s nice that they can use the software from home. Plus, the analytics let instructors see who watched what videos, when and for how long, which allows them to personalize lessons based on student behavior.”

The college is a member of the North Carolina Research and Education Network run by MCNC, a Mediasite partner. Through this partnership, all schools in the state from grades K-20 have access to cost-effective technology and services like Mediasite to start or expand their digital learning initiatives. The partnership has enabled more than 20 North Carolina institutions to bring this powerful technology to students and instructors.

“Mediasite for me is a safe and secure place for students in my public speaking courses to engage with each other’s video assignments,” said Dr. Kevin Sargent, English and Humanities instructor, Alamance Community College. “I needed a way to upload and share video lessons in a space supervised by the college, not the wild west of YouTube. Mediasite checks all the boxes for me and is an intuitive system that I easily learned.”

“It is critical that schools fully embrace the power of streaming video to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for students from a distance both now and post-COVID where we believe video is a permanent fixture of the classroom of the future,” said Joe Mozden Jr., CEO, Sonic Foundry, the maker of Mediasite. “Video has the power to transcend borders and time, and our vision and work to create integrations with widely used tools like Zoom allow Mediasite to be the central and secure virtual information hub. We are proud that Alamance Community College has made Mediasite an integral part of its e-learning strategy to personalize learning and create collaborative and engaging experiences despite distance.”

Mediasite is a highly automated and integrated video platform that facilitates hybrid learning in this new digital-first world. Trusted by 1,700 schools in 65 countries, Mediasite quickly and cost-effectively scales the capture, management, delivery and search of live and on-demand streaming videos. Mediasite’s solutions create the most engaging, data-rich, and personalized learning experiences possible as students and instructors collaborate from a distance.

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