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Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business Selects Mediasite to Meet Student Demand for Lecture Capture

Prestigious business school creating an enduring MBA knowledge library

Philadelphia, Penn. – (EDUCAUSE booth #1219) – October 19, 2011 – Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, Inc.(NASDAQ: SOFO), the recognized market leader for lecture capture chosen by more than 900 colleges and universities, announced Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business has selected Mediasite.

“We realize a significant percentage of classroom material has to be available online for study purposes. Students will demand it not only while they’re in school but also later. They’ll want to go back to take a look at what their professors told them a year or two after they graduate so they can reference it,” said John Carpenter, chief technology officer at McDonough School of Business.

The business school began using Mediasite when it transitioned into the new Rafik B. Hariri Building last year. Classrooms were designed to use Mediasite from a centrally located control room. Faculty members schedule their recordings via email and lectures record automatically. The recorded content is hosted with Mediasite as well, and accessed by students via a Blackboard interface. Carpenter says having lectures and other high-profile presentations available online gives the business school a competitive advantage.

“Giving students access to asynchronous learning is a major question that every school has to wrestle with. Even Georgetown, a traditionally brick and mortar school, must provide a lot more anytime/anywhere content,” said Carpenter. “With the MBA and EMBA, not only does Mediasite provide a marketing advantage, but today, the classes are expected to have this capability. You can’t compete without it. I cannot think of a school that’s not moving in that direction. It’s a crucial capability.”

Mediasite has reached such high demand with both faculty and students that Mediasite-enabled rooms are consistently scheduled to capacity.

“Before Mediasite we flailed at addressing asynchronous learning with a video component. A slick option just wasn’t available. Now we have a solid technical solution and we don’t worry about the technology anymore. We worry about the content and we worry about the pedagogy of the issue but we don’t have to worry about the technology,” said Carpenter. “I look to Mediasite for technical expertise. We’re not going to develop these things from the ground up so we need to buy it. We can’t afford to buy it from someone who’s behind the times.”

“Georgetown is to be commended for not only responding to the growing student demand for lecture capture, but also for recognizing, and leveraging, the competitive advantage of learning technologies like Mediasite,” said Gary Weis, chief executive officer of Sonic Foundry. “The positive feedback from students, coupled with the impact on learning and retention, can mean real growth in revenue and lifetime learning for forward-thinking colleges and universities. We’re honored to be the lecture capture partner for McDonough School of Business, and look forward to serving their continued success in the future.”

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