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Live Webinars: 5 Reasons to Not Fear Lecture Capture and Funding Hybrid Events

Mediasite best-practice webcasts explore the mindset of the modern student, sustainable hybrid meetings and enterprise webcasting

Madison, Wis. – October 24, 2011 – Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, Inc.(NASDAQ: SOFO), the recognized market leader for rich media webcasting, lecture capture and knowledge management, will host two live webinars this month as part of the company’s continuing best practice series.

To register for these complimentary webinars, which go live on Tuesday, October 25, visit

5 Reasons Faculty Shouldn’t Fear Lecture Capture
Register now for the live webcast | Tuesday, Oct 25 at 11:00 a.m. Central

Dr. Jennifer Flatt taught for nine years in a traditional face-to-face way – desks, students, small groups, the occasional PowerPoint. When lecture capture came to the University of Wisconsin-Marinette campus, she was not initially happy about it. The thought of teaching on camera was intimidating, even scary. It was bad enough she’d have the opportunity to watch every second of her instruction, but she also felt like colleagues might judge her and her teaching.

But then she started getting feedback from her students and she realized this was about learning, not judgment. The Mediasite lecture capture technology recorded her and the student questions and conversations, and students were learning from that recorded classroom experience.

Plus, lecture capture shed light on her teaching habits which, in her own opinion, ranged from not-so-great (do I really slouch like that?) to affirming (I actually do look engaged when students ask questions).

In the two years since lecture capture was introduced at UW-Marinette, Dr. Flatt has become one of its most vocal champion among faculty. Join her for a lively conversation as she dispels the biggest objections and faculty fears.

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Flatt is the Associate Campus Dean and an Associate Professor of English and Spanish at UW-Marinette. Dr. Flatt began teaching there in the fall of 2000. Her academic interests include Victorian literature, religious studies and language study. She works with concurrent enrollment programming and is also involved in service learning projects. She received the campus’ Teacher of the Year award in 2004, 2006 and 2008 and the UW Colleges Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching Award for 2010. An avid sports fan, she lives in Marinette with her husband and two sons.

Moderator: Sean Brown, vice president of education for Sonic Foundry

Fortune Telling: 5 Predictions for Funding Hybrid Events
Register now for the live webcast | Tuesday, Oct 25 at 1:00 p.m. Central

It doesn’t matter if you are planning your first, fiftieth or five-hundredth hybrid event, or if you are in the earliest stage of contemplation about taking your event online. Sooner or later we all ask the same big question: what should I charge?

The answer? Well, it depends. What’s the purpose of your meeting – are you out to fulfill your mission as an educational organization, and the hybrid event is just part of that investment? Or do you need to generate additional revenue to support new or ongoing programs? Or will you just need to cover your meeting and technology costs, perfectly happy to simply break even?

Erica St. Angel has a premonition for what’s in our funding future. She’s been gazing into her crystal ball to see which pricing structures prove most popular and now she’s ready to invite you to her crash course in dollar divination.

First we’ll explore our pricing past lives to uncover the most common models of event funding. And then together, we’ll conjure a formula that will work math magic on your next online event.

Presenter: Erica St. Angel, VP of Marketing for Sonic Foundry, oversees the company’s community-building initiatives, including its annual user conference, user group and social media strategy. Her unique background blends almost 20 years of corporate, public information and political campaigns, with an emphasis on measuring outcomes and increasing customer engagement. Erica has been involved in hybrid event planning for 5 years, and is a regular speaker on blended meeting tips and tech at events and webinars. Her work has earned both industry and marketing awards, including the Forrester Groundswell Award for the use of social technology at UNLEASH, Sonic Foundry’s user conference – a hybrid meeting that leveraged social media and webcasting to increase attendance by 15 percent and achieve 10-fold conference ROI.

Moderator: John Pollard, Event Services Program Director for Sonic Foundry

Mediasite by Sonic Foundry is the trusted market leader for enterprise webcasting, hybrid events and lecture capture. Chosen by more than 900 colleges and universities, the award-winning Mediasite webcasting and content management system quickly and cost-effectively automates the capture, management, delivery and search of video presentations and accompanying graphics for live or on-demand viewing.

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