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Live Webinars Feature Beloit Mindset List Creators, Green Meeting Industry Council and Energy Center of Wisconsin

Mediasite best-practice webcasts explore the mindset of the modern student, sustainable hybrid meetings and enterprise webcasting

MADISON, Wis. – September 22, 2011 – Sonic Foundry, Inc.(NASDAQ: SOFO), the recognized market leader for rich media webcasting, lecture capture and knowledge management, will host three live webinars this month as part of the company’s continuing best practice series.

To register for these complimentary webinars, which go live on Tuesday, September 27, visit

Back to School: Understanding the Mindset of Today’s Modern Student
Register now for the live webcast on Tuesday, Sep 27 at 11:00 a.m. Central

It happens every year. You face a lecture hall full of college freshmen and feel how cavernous the generation gap has become. To you Amazon is a river in South America; to them it’s an online shopping giant. You understand what ‘don’t touch that dial’ means; they’ve always had a remote control. You wanted to be like Mike; their NBA heroes are Kobe and Shaq.

Ever wish you could get inside their minds to really understand where they’re coming from? Here’s your chance. On Tuesday, September 27 at 11 a.m. Central, you’ll have a rare opportunity for live Q&A with the authors of the Beloit Mindset List. Ron Nief and Tom McBride, the men who literally wrote the book on what generations of Americans think is normal, will present “Back to School: Understanding the Mindset of Today’s Modern Student.”

Moderator: Sean Brown, vice president of education at Sonic Foundry

High-Tech, High-Touch: Making New Connections Between Hybrid Meetings and Sustainability
Register now for the live webcast on Tuesday, Sep 27 at 1:00 p.m. Central

What do water bottles, satisfaction surveys and meeting technology have in common? They all can be part of making your next conference more sustainable. Just maybe not in the way you might expect.

The GMIC 2011 Sustainable Meetings Conference challenged the traditional approach to meeting design with Game ON!. The annual event pushed the sustainability envelope for its planners and participants, but this year it wasn’t just about nixing the water bottles. Tamara Kennedy-Hill, GMIC executive director, and Midori Connolly, CEO Pulse Staging and Events, share insights from the creative gaming design and virtual production aspects of the event.

It all began with having a strategy for what they wanted their members to learn and then finding the tech and tactics to support it – from water stations and iPad apps to gaming, social media and hybrid meetings. Along the way, they balanced their willingness to try new things with a healthy sense of humility so that, in case it didn’t all work out, they would have at least learned valuable lessons along the way. Because after all, the truly sustainable event is the one your attendees found worthwhile and plan to attend again.

Moderator: Erica St. Angel, vice president of marketing at Sonic Foundry

Why You Don’t Have to Be an Enterprise to Webcast Like One
Register now for the live webcast on Tuesday, Sep 27 at 2:00 p.m. Central

What would motivate a small non-profit to buy an enterprise grade webcasting platform? Could they ever expect to see a return on that kind of investment? And why bother with professional-grade, purpose-built hardware, when software is cheaper and easier, right? Wrong, at least according to the Energy Center of Wisconsin.

They needed to get their energy efficiency message out to a larger audience – without a big budget and without putting their viewers to sleep with a lot of technical data. In 2006, they turned to audio webinars, produced with software, and people listened…but then rich media arrived on the scene. Just four years later armed with Mediasite, they’ve had over 12,500 viewers of their live webinars tuning in from all 50 states and around the globe, and have amassed an overall total of 28,000 live and on-demand views.

Join us for a live webinar with Andrea Minniear Cherney as she explains how the Mediasite webcasting platform not only contributed to that viewing spike, but also helped them achieve a 42% ROI in each of the last four years, with more new funding, new partners and new online learners on the horizon.

Moderator: Erica St. Angel, vice president of marketing at Sonic Foundry


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