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Online Exclusive: Beloit College Mindset List Announced Via Webcast

MADISON, Wis. – August 19, 2008 – Beloit College today announced its 11th annual Mindset List via webcast using Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFO), the recognized market leader for rich media webcasting and knowledge management. For the first time the creators of this list – which has become the most popular back to school topic in higher education – will discuss the landmark compilation in the exclusive webcast.

The Mindset List, conceived by Tom McBride, Keefer Professor of the Humanities and Ron Nief, director of public affairs at Beloit College, is a set of touchstones that shape the lives of Gen Y students entering college this fall. The material is gathered from parents, current students, faculty, anonymous contributors who call and email ideas, and through researching a wide range of media – from Rolling Stone to the Wall Street Journal – published around the time these students were born. McBride and Nief say the Mediasite webcast is the perfect avenue to explain how the list originated, and why it’s become such a cultural phenomenon. In the webcast, the list authors provide deeper insight into key patterns that emerge, and ultimately will need to be addressed, as this generation moves into the workforce, such as transparency vs. privacy, sustainability and multiculturalism.

“We create this list each year as a reminder of the rapidly changing frame of reference for each new generation entering college. The mindset of these students is quite different than the faculty who are about to prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow,” said Nief. “As the list changes each year so does our means of distributing it. We’re pleased that this year represents our first webcast using Mediasite.”

“The list is terrific for a chuckle, terrific if you have a mildly masochistic need to feel old and it’s terrific in giving you a snapshot of what’s happened in the last 18 years,” said McBride. “It’s also a nice snapshot of the attitudes and events of entering college students.”

Some highlights of the 11th Annual Beloit College Mindset List include:

  • Sammy Davis Jr., Jim Henson, Ryan White, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Freddie Krueger have always been dead.
  • Harry Potter could be a classmate playing on their Quidditch team. 
  • Since they were in diapers, karaoke machines have always been annoying people at parties.
  • They’ve always been looking for Carmen Sandiego and GPS satellite navigation systems have always been available.

“This webcast was a distinctive partnership for Sonic Foundry because, like Beloit College, we too follow the evolution of student expectations,” said Rimas Buinevicius, chairman and CEO of Sonic Foundry. “Sonic Foundry is on the cutting-edge of creating technology for blended learning, empowering schools to meet those expectations. We’re pleased to partner with Beloit College to single out the distinguishing characteristics of today’s college students.”

Since its introduction in 2003, Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite has set the standard as a transformational communication medium for delivering critical information and sharing knowledge. Trusted by more than 600 colleges and universities, the patented Mediasite webcasting and content management system quickly and cost-effectively automates the capture, management, delivery and search of rich media presentations that combine audio, video and accompanying graphics for live or on-demand viewing.

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