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Sonic Foundry Advances the Power of Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform with the Industry’s Most Expansive Offering of Content Capture and Aggregation Tools

Next generation of Mediasite platform showcased on the InfoComm and UBTech exhibit floors

ORLANDO, Fla. InfoComm Booth #3059/UBTech Booth #400 — June 12, 2013 — Sonic Foundry, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFO), the trusted leader for video content management and webcasting solutions, announces the significant enhancements to its Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform, introducing the most advanced, open and enterprise-wide approach to creating, uploading, managing and distributing all video-based content.

Join us at Sonic Foundry’s press conference at InfoComm, Booth #3059 today at 9:30 am EDT, for a preview and demo of the latest innovations.

“The day is quickly approaching where everything that’s important on your campus or in the enterprise will be documented with video. With Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform we’ve engineered a video ecosystem that’s secure, searchable, easily managed and open to multiple content sources,” said Rob Lipps, executive vice president of Sonic Foundry. “We’ve helped our customers push the boundaries of advanced use-cases through automation and ubiquity, helping them achieve comprehensive capture, regardless of the video source.”

Enhancements to Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform include:

Multi-format video capture with synchronized automation of multiple video signals. Two or more videos can simultaneously stream within its intelligent multi-window Mediasite Player. It’s the most efficient and effective way to capture and live-stream multiple camera angles, complex procedures, simulations or training including:

  • Collaborative classrooms and conference room discussions
  • Simulations for medical, engineering or technology training
  • Role-play scenarios such as moot court and practice interviews

“Mediasite 7’s ability to select any combination of cameras to be captured and streamed simultaneously will be helpful for role-playing student interviews and focus group research.”

~Asa Kelley, media technician, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

“Being able to capture and live stream any business-process video you can imagine while maintaining intimacy with the presenter is important for us.”

~Tom Aquilone, enterprise technology programs manager, Lockheed Martin

Mediasite ML HD Recorder for event capture and on-the-go webcasting is the lightest, leanest portable webcasting appliance in its class. Fifty percent smaller than its predecessor the ML HD Recorder pairs maximum mobility with rugged design to meet the needs of the most demanding webcasting environments.

Centralized, full spectrum recording model cost-effectively extends the power of video to any room, automatically extracting video from sources such as IP cameras and video conferencing tools. Once video is uploaded to Mediasite’s Centralized Recorder it’s combined and synchronized with visual aids for a complete rich video experience. This reduces the cost-barriers of introducing technology to low-tech rooms by eliminating the need for expensive control systems.

“Until now affordable solutions to outfit all classrooms have been sorely missing. Sonic Foundry has addressed that problem – and this full-spectrum deployment model gets the higher education community one step closer to a situation in which lecture capture can be deployed intelligently and with agility and scale to an entire campus – even classrooms that might have in the past been overlooked.”

~ Alan D. Greenberg, senior analyst & partner, Wainhouse Research

Mediasite’s powerful Voice Search Service pairs phonetic search with custom word lists, enabling users to accurately search and discover contextually relevant content contained in any video. As a result, users can efficiently pinpoint specific keywords contained in rapidly growing video libraries being used for learning, outreach and professional development.

My Mediasite, a streamlined, user-friendly interface from which users create, upload, manage and share their own video content. Collaboration and approval workflows provide a layer of control for enterprises with multiple content producers and knowledge-creation environments, allowing the growth, management and scalability of online knowledge libraries.

Mobile upload, giving users the ability to upload content directly to Mediasite from any mobile device or any video format, including Adobe Flash, QuickTime, AVI, Windows Media, MPEG4 and others, and transform them into rich video files that are indexed, searched, secured and played back on nearly any device from desktops and tablets to smart phones.

“Within the two major markets of the AV industry, education and workplace, there are major changes occurring today that profoundly affect the nature of the built environment and the technology needed to support the occupants of these buildings, namely students and workers, respectively. Capture technology is morphing to accommodate these more collaborative environments and complex simulations,” said Scott Walker, president and CEO of Waveguide Consulting.

These innovations will be demonstrated at InfoComm Booth #3059 and UBTech Booth #400.

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